Polypropylene for laser sintering technology:
Microfol SinterPlast® PP

SinterPlast® PP, altogether newly developed by Microfol, now expands the possibilities of selective laser sintering (SLS) enormously. Now for the first time you can use the material polypropylene throughout, from the building of prototypes to later serial production. Thus not only does the material identity remain intact, the costs are also reduced since in the future you can replace expensive materials on the basis of polyamide 12, PEEK and polystyrene with the innovative SinterPlast® PP.

The unique SinterPlast® PP not only allows inexpensive production of models (rapid prototyping) but also cost-effective production (rapid manufacturing) without investment in previously necessary injection moulding tools.

Now, thanks to the outstanding material properties of polypropylene (stiffness, hardness, stability, resistance, recyclability), for the first time you can also produce functional components and small series with conventional laser sintering systems directly from the CAD data. Completely new applications are open to you due to this development. Now use SinterPlast® PP as a reliable and inexpensive material for your laser sintering applications. We would be happy to provide you with detailed specifications and information on the numerous application possibilities.
 | SinterPlast® PP | Product portfolio You can download the Microfol SinterPlast® PP product data sheet here.

The Magazin „Kunststoffe“ about SinterPlast® PP

 | SinterPlast® PP | Product portfolio You can download the professional article of Microfol SinterPlast® PP here.